” The Xtreamer Multimedia Streamer are portable players that allows vivid and crisp playback of dozens of multimedia files. Its users will be able to enjoy their favorite movies, home videos, digital music and digital photos on TV or Home-theater system, access hundreds of live net feeds and listen to their favorite internet radio stations.”

Xtreamer Features

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Inginkan ebook secara online… sila layari laman web dibawah.


Laman web ni membolehkan anda memuat turun sebanyak mana ebook yang anda mahu…

cuma perlu ada sedikit ‘waiting time’ sahaja…


Baru-baru ni tm net ada offer penggunaan internet di rumah menggunakan line telifon + modem 56k only…

Laman web tmnet eznet: EzNet

Ni adalah salah satu alternatives daripada menggunakan dial-up service 1515…

So la ni aku dok guna yang nih saja kat rumah.. itupun sekiranya memerlukan…


tmnet EZnet

Introducing tmnet EZnet, our latest narrowband service for all TM fixed line subscribers. tmnet EZnet is a pre-activated Internet dial-up service with speed of up to 56 kbps over your normal TM fixed telephone line. tmnet EZnet offers convenience with no additional charges and no registration, just plug your phone line to your PC – dial 1315 and off you go!

EZnet is pre-activated Internet narrowband service and are available to all TM fixed line subscribers nationwide. TM fixed line subscribers with a PC and narrowband modem may access the Internet by only dialing 1315. EZnet gives you an attractive alternative to Internet dial-up access which provides internet connectivity and convenience in one single service


  • Charged at only 4 sen per minute
  • No additional registration or annual fee
  • Charges will be based on usage only, ‘no usage – no charge’
  • Single bill charge – all EZNet charges will be billed under “TM Bil Telefon & Multimedia”

Product Features

  • Service are readily available by default to all TM fixed line subscribers
  • No registration required
  • No one time registration & annual fee
  • No login id/ password required
  • Dial only 1315 to surf the Internet
  • Single charge – Internet charge will be included in ‘Bil Telefon & Multimedia’ issued by TM
  • To get free a Bluehyppo membership and a free e-mail please visit our website to www.bluehyppo.com.my


You will need the following:
a. A computer (Personal Computer or Macintosh)
b. A 56 k modem (either internal or external modem)
c. A TM fixed telephone line

EZnet is applicable to all TM Telephony (PSTN) customers except the following:

  • TM ISDN line
  • TM CDMA (wireless telephony) service
  • Non TM fixed line subscribers (from other fixed line providers)
  • TM Payphone
  • Home Prepaid & other telecard services
  • TM Service Line